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Georgina Manning is the Director of Wellbeing for Kids, a registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist and the owner of the Elk Wellbeing centre in Fitzroy North.

Georgina has many years of experience working in schools supporting children and parents to reach effective social and emotional outcomes.  Georgina runs regular parent seminars, school professional development days and is a national speaker for wellbeing events. Georgina has created the ‘Peaceful Kids’ Mindfulness and Positive Psychology program for schools and holds training across many states in Australia. 


Friendships & Conflict

Friendships & Conflict During primary school children go through many stages of making friends and along the way will experience conflict at some stage.  It is very normal for children to experience conflict from time to time as this a way of children discovering what...

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Teaching kids to be Problem Solvers

Teaching Kids to be problem solvers One important area that is vital to help children become more resilient is to help them become ‘problem solvers’. If children can solve their own problems their confidence grows as they realise that they are able to cope with...

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