Parent Seminars

Wellbeing for Kids provides parent seminars at schools on a range of social and emotional learning topics. Parent Seminars can be tailored to needs of your school and parents. Seminars usually run for 80 minutes on site at your school. Schools will receive flyers, posters and an online booking system to make it quick and easy for your parents. You will also receive a newsletter package to promote the seminar and follow up resources to help support your parents. Below are the most popular seminars.  For a seminar pack contact Georgina


‘5 Secrets to develop Confidence and Resilience’

This engaging presentation covers a range of issues including practical strategies to support children to build confidence, resilience and positive and effective thinking habits. This seminar supports parents to encourage independent children who can problem solve the day to day ups and downs of life to build their self-efficacy. Parents learn how to lessen anxiety in their children and also prevent anxious behaviours occurring in the future.  This seminar covers the fundamental life skills that children need for positive mental health.

‘Understanding and Supporting children with Anxiety’

This presentation covers a range of issues including the foundations that help prevent anxiety, how to recognise the signs of anxiety and how anxiety affects children in different ways.  Parents are supported to help their child deal with anxiety through practical and effective strategies that parents can use immediately at home.  Parents also learn how to support healthy thinking habits and how to build emotional resilience in their child and support children through difficult feelings and life’s challenges.

‘Finding the Balance’

Cyber Safety & Wellbeing Seminar

This unique seminar not only assists parents about online safety but also helps parents to set healthy boundaries at home around the use of technology and feel more in control of their child’s online world. Parents learn how to set a healthy balance at home between technology and free creative play that is essential for children’s growth, brain development and social skills.  Parents are supported to set technology time limits at home to optimise wellbeing. Parents learn how to help their child stay safe online using the internet and emerging technologies to avoid the potential risks that confront children on a day to day basis including Cyber Bullying.  Parents also learn about effective filter use and how to set restrictions on iPads, iPhones and tablets.

Friendships in the Primary years

This presentation covers a range of issues including practical strategies to support their child to build healthy friendships, effective parenting styles that support social awareness and intelligence in children and normal developmental stages of friendships.  Parents also learn about age appropriate social behaviours and the fundamental life skills that all children need to build healthy friendships.  Parents learn how to teach their child to solve problems independently and effecitvely including normal day to day disagreements, misunderstandings and at times conflict.