Staff Professional Development

Wellbeing for Kids provides a range of engaging, hands on and inspiring Staff Professional Development days that can be held in house or at our inner city training venue in Clifton Hill.  For more detailed information on the content of each seminar contact Georgina Manning –

‘Mindfulness for Staff & Students’

This option gives staff sufficient time to experience and practice all of the Mindfulness Meditations that are given in the ‘Peaceful Classrooms’ electronic resource pack given to teachers. This day also has a focus on staff wellbeing as they have time to understand Mindfulness in context to their own lives to manage their own stress. This session introduces how to develop a personal mindfulness practice to cultivate a balanced life with increased overall wellbeing. Mindfulness practices have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lower stress levels, cope more effectively with stressful events and prevent stress build up and burn out.

‘Positive Psychology’

This PD day covers the practical application of positive psychology in the classroom.  Staff will learn the background of Positive Psychology and how to implement simple yet effective exercises and practices daily into the classroom or with individual children needing support.  Some of the exercises include discovering their own unique character strengths as a staff, gratitude exercises, values exercises which are all presented in an engaging and hands on team building exercises.  This learning can then be adapted to the classroom and child-friendly exercises.

‘Foundations to Flourishing’

This session focuses on how our positive emotions are linked to our overal wellbeing.  Staff are able to identifying their own stress triggers and how they can cope more effectively to create a balanced life with purpose and meaning.  Staff will also learn how to put into practice wellbeing strategies to prevent stress build up and burn out.  This session also covers the practical application of Positive Psychology for optimal flourishing.  Staff discover the 12 wellbeing practices that lead to optimal wellbeing that they can also implement into the classroom for their students.